Welcome to Tangwear
  It was best of times, technology make the life of us abundant; It was worst of times, the nuclear leakage in Japan expose the negative effect of technology. We keep exploring new technology of protective equipment and focused on the developing of protective industry. As the expert of safe protection, is there anyone else can instead of us if we don’t take the responsibility of protect human’s safe and healthy?

  Tangwear is not just a brand of safe protection, we prefer to become the explorer of protective field. We hoped that each worker can work under the environment of 100% safe; each family can enjoy the happiness of high technology blithely at the second half of 21 century

  Every disaster, every industrial accident affect Tangwear’s heart. We are keep working and devote ourselves to the goal of create an environment of definitely safe
Our Mission:
    People being important, people’s safety being our top priority. We are committed to protect our users safe at work, and try our best to keep them comfort as well as at home, and maximize the best value of our buyer’s money.
Our Goal:
    Keeping pace with the daily updated protective idea of modern times, we adopt the new protective technology to seek out a particular and the best protecting wear solution for our customers, and track our workwear using statues in the workplace via after-service in place.
Our Philosophy:
 We put our customers first and serve them with top quality and service.  We value our employees and encourage them to achieve their full potential.  We always focus on learning and keep ourselves refreshed through continuous research and improve our productivity by absorbing advanced management.
Address:Room 505, NO.1221 Xietu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
TEL:021-6212 9009 FAX:021-6234 7334
Copyright 2011 JiangSu Tangwear Indusrtrial Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
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